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Wild flower seeds

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Wild flower seeds

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13. 03. 2019

Portulaca confertifiolia

  • subtropical plants
  • succulent plants

Argylia uspallatensis

  • frost-resistant plants
  • perennials
  • small plants

Nassauvia glomerata

  • frost-resistant plants
  • perennials
  • small shrubs and shrublets

Tropaeolum polyphyllum

  • frost-resistant plants
  • perennials
  • slightly larger plants

Welcome to my web site

My name is Michal Rejzek, based in Czech republic.

My life, as far as I can remember, is linked to nature, always outside with hands dug in the soil and cold water. I love mountains, shadow of forest, meadows full of ordinary flowers, wild sea coasts or clear rivers full of life… Any peaceful place in nature without achievements of modern civilization makes me happy and full of life. Therefore I started to collect seeds, to sow those and create a beautiful piece of nature that I meet on my travels. This all turned into great passion and as I would love to share this with you, I have created this web page.

Many of you will not find here what they are looking for, as I only present here the most beautiful specimens in their most simple form, made entirely by nature, which can only be found far away from civilization. All those seeds are from original and wild plants.

I hope this will bring you joy in the same way as to me and let me wish you good luck in making your own piece of wild nature.

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